Strong R&D Capability

Power Motor has been committed to the micro-motor new technology, new materials, new technology
R&D and application, in order to achieve efficient energy-saving, low noise, cost-effective and intelligent.

Motor Powers Life

Focus on Motor Industry Since 2001
Strategy Partner of World-Top Enterprises


Requirement-Based R&D Activities

  • The R&D activities of Power Motor are driven by the demand of the market and the customers. Power Motor can offers either standard products or custom design services.
  • Leading Design Tools and strategy makes all the vision possible
  • Over 2,000㎡ R&D Center with advanced facilities, hundreds of engineers to guarantee your project fall to the ground.

High Efficiency Production Lines

  • High Efficiency automatic facilities lines ensure the high efficiency production
  • Intelligent manufacturing management system improves utilization of equipment.

Inovation of Technology

  • For those traditional products, Power Motor implement the policy of improving efficiency and modifying structure to lower the cost.
  • For those intelligent motors, Power Motor continuously invest on the innovation design, improving efficiency and using new types of materials to meet the needs of energy saving.

Quality Assurance

  • Coordinating 5M1E factors in quality management in order to block all the disqualification components away from production.
  • Intelligent facilities management system to ensure the Zero defect manufacturing
  • Product percent of pass has reached 130 and continuously improving.

17 years Experiences

  • Focus on Motor Industry since 2001, Strategy Partner of World-Top Enterprises
  • Over 200 types of standard for customer to choose from