social responsibility

CSR is the abbreviation of corporation social responsibility, Power Motor commits to drive the community to developing and producing
environmentally-oriented products and reducing the environmental footprint of our operations.

Employment and Caring

Power Motor fulfills the social responsibility step by step by solving the employment issue.
We offers more than 2,000 job opportunities for the society. Besides, Power Motor contribute to build up the social harmony and stability through the employment support policy by helping more employee relatives re-employed. As the development of the company, Power Motor will provide more opportunities for the society and give more help for the employees.
Human-oriented management philosophy, Create a harmonious society together

As a labor-intensive industries, Power Motor always believe employees are the most valuable treasures for the company. It is our duty to offer comfortable working environment and a competitive career development platform. A pleasant state of mind can bring a high efficiency output. Power Motor believe respectful for every employees is an important factor to bring a company to success. Since it was established, Power Motor constantly conducts employee care activities to help our staff to grow, which include Study Care, Welfare care and health care.

  • Study Care

    Power Motor carriers on the philosophy of human-oriented and implements the strategy of talents cultivated, constantly establish and improve the personal training and selection system by create more opportunities. Power Motor always believe that great man makes the great achievement.
  • Welfare Care

    Power Motor commits to provide considerate staff welfare to all the employees in every aspects to show the concern. Shuttle Bus, Annual health check-up, traffic allowance, holiday bonus and annual travel activity etc., Power Motor is trying to do better to convey its concern for every staff.
  • Health Care

    Power Motor tales staff health as priority. Not only in the working schedule, but in the aspect of popularizing the knowledge of health. Power Motor adopts robots in some process to protect employees from the may-hurt gas or liquid. Meanwhile, Power Motor arranges the annual health check-up to show the solicitude for all the full-time employees

Power Motor Love Foundation

Power Motor takes “spread sunshine in action” as the duty of the enterprise and devotes itself in action. Love foundation is established to help those staff who is in needed. It is a mature helping system join by everyone to help everyone in accident or serious illness.

School-Enterprise Cooperation

Power Motor takes the talented people very much, offering lots of internship, training and even job opportunities for those cooperated university students. Financing aid is also a part of the school-enterprise cooperation program to help students who are in needed to help them finish their study. Now, Power Motor also plans to develop in-depth cooperation with the universities in order to create a platform that can realize the purpose of mutual benefit.

Energy Saving Design and Production

Power Motor responds the call of global energy saving action from our product design and production.

  • Brushless Motor development

    When compared to other types of motor, the brushless motor has many advantages such as compact size, high output, low vibration, low noise, long life, and particular high efficiency. Therefore, Power Motor increase investment on the development of BLDC Motor in this year and develops several types of products used in home appliances and automotive.
  • Compact design

    In order to save the sources effectively, we try to remain the motor performance with reducing the amount of the spare parts to make the motor smaller and lighter. Some materials such as lead and hexavalent chromium etc. are absolutely forbidden to use in manufacturing. All the products are developed friendly with environment from the perspective of safe abandonment and easy reuse.