Efficiency Product development system
makes all the vision possible

Motor Development since 2001


Closed collaboration with Car maker

From the initial stage of developing a products, Power Motor will put all the external factors in consideration in designing, considering the various conditions possibilities so as to create a best solution for our customers.


Closed combination with Design and Manufacturing

We use the data created in 3D CAD (CATIA) in every aspect, such as development, production, quality control, etc. We promote efficient production from a total perspective while sharing and exchanging product information and each department’s tasks. Our own in-house equipment makes us more completive in the market. All the process can be guaranteed and all the problems can be handled at first time.


Intelligent Motor Control Technology

Motor with circuit has become the great demand in vehicle industry. Our advanced smart motor design makes the intelligent vehicle intelligent control possible.


High efficiency Production Line

Shorten the production line, Flexibility production management increasing the rate of comprehensive utilization of production equipment.
Continuously improving automatic production and management ability guarantee the high efficiency production.


High-quality technical support

Strict supplier and raw material management system, put an end to unqualified factors into production; intelligent production management System, to reduce human error; advanced detection equipment, multi-dimensional analysis of the product testing for the product High quality and high reliability to provide technical support.

Automotive motor solutions

We convey the convenience solution for your Automotive Solutions

Car window motor

Application: Automotive Window Lifting (Anti-Pinch) motion solution

Description: Automotive motorized window apparatus which closes automatically involve risks for trapping, squeezing or injury to people. This solution is based on the detection of motor current without Hall sensor. The position of window is detected by counting the number of ripple current. Then the standard current value is compared with the real current value in the same position, to judge whether obstacle exists and whether anti-pinch protection is needed. The solution without Hall sensor results in accurate detection, reduces cost and make the installation more convenient.

Car seat adjustment motor

Application: Automotive seat adjustment brushless motion solution

Description:Power Motor recently launched a new type of brushless dc motor solution fits for car seat adjustment. This kind of brushless dc motor solution required no external motor position sensor or system microcontroller, reducing PCB footprint and come with embedded control algorithm to reduce the complexity of the motor system. It is suitable for either a new program or the replacement project.

Car wiper motor

Application: Wiper Motor solution for Truck

Description: Power Motor recently launched a new type of wiper motor solution fits for truck. The whole design contains the motor with the reduction gearbox together to realize the purpose of speed control of the wiper. Besides, this kind of wiper motor has the advantages of high performance and long life. It is suitable for either a new program or the replacement project.

Car tailgate lift motor

Application: Brushless DC Motor Solution for Automobile Lift Gate

Description: The new launched lift gate brushless dc motor is the intelligent solution for the automobile lift gate of Power Motor. The brushless dc motor controls the reciprocating movement of the air spring piston rod, and drives the load back and forth, realizing the motion requirements of electric support rod. Meanwhile, with the advantages of high efficiency, high power and speed performance,this type of brushless motor has become the common choice for lots of car manufacturers.

Pedal Lift Motor

Application: SUV Pedal Lift Motion Solution

Description:The electric foot pedal refers to an electric mechanism for facilitating the boarding and alighting of the vehicle for the passengers, which is a different design compare with the common fix pedal. It can be held up or withdrawn accordingly. This pedal lift motor with the advantages of compact design, which means it can be install easily. Besides, the pedal lift motor still has the overhead protection function. As the key component of the pedal lift device, Power Motor pedal lift motor can be operated under -80℃, as the running signal being input, the pedal lift motor can be running without any influence.

AMT system motor

Application: EV AMT Motion Solution of Auto Motor

Description: Power R&D Engineer team has developed a modified AMT Motor based on the original one, which is quite suitable for the New Energy Vehicles during shifting process. Angular speed, angular deviation and other factors may affect the AMT Motor control system all have been taken into consideration on the design in order to ensure a good control under any status and the gear shifting process. And it also realized the reliable switch of AMT of New Energy Vehicles.