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Why choose the window lifting motor in Power Motor

Electric window lifting has been widely used in the different vehicles, while there are a little patchy in terms of quality. And now, power motor explain the differences of window lifting motor in power motor and other company.

First of all, the electric window is mainly combined with the driven motor, deceleration device, window lift devices and switch components. Different types of cars adopts different control circuits and divided into the motor with iron and without iron. 

This window lifting motor which Power Motor has developed is compact and light weight. With the compact design and without using rare earth permanent magnet materials, this type of window lifting motor still can maintain the high performance. With the high-power density electromagnetic design makes a significant contrast in terms of weight with the traditional window lifting motor. Besides, the matching gearbox design effectively reduce the noise generated when it under operation, thereby, increasing the comfort in driving.

In addition, power motor develops the anti-pinch module according to meet the needs of market. A small anti-pinch module adds in the ordinary window lifting motor, when the foreign matter appears, the window will immediately stop rising or failing. Effectively prevent the damages caught by the window lifting, especially for those children or old man. This types of anti-pinch window lifting motor applicable to all kinds of high-end vehicles.

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