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Understanding the Mechanism Behind Window Lift Motor

The way an automobile, whether it a car or anything else, works seems like a magic to the eyes. The numerous parts working in different ways and serving various purposes, if carefully looked into, is mind boggling and complicated. One of these parts is the power window of a car. Most cars today have power windows and these are essentially sophisticated and easy to use. Now, the smart technological device that goes into making the power-window what it appears to be is the window lift motor. window lift motor.

                                                                       Window Lifting Motors

The Complex Working of the Window Lifting Motors

The window lift motor works using the lifting mechanism. The window lift on most cars makes use of a fine linkage to lift the window glass and keep it level at the same time. The window lift motor is a simple but highly mechanised electric motor that is attached to the worm gear along with several other spur gears. This connection or attachment helps it create a large gear reduction and makes way for enough torque to lift the window with ease.

This linkage with the window lift motor results in a long arm, which further attaches it to a bar that holds the bottom of the window. Just as the window rises, the end of the arm slides in a groove in the bar. Simultaneously, the bar comes in the form of a large plate with gear teeth cut into it. The window lift motor turns one of the gears that engage these teeth.

A striking feature of the power windows in our cars is that they can never be forced open. This is again due to the connection between the window lift motor and the worm gear. The worm gear in the drive mechanism has a self-locking feature arising from the angle of contact between the worm and the gear. The worm can easily spin the gear but due to the friction between the teeth, the gear is unable to spin the worm.

Experience High-Performance with Lifting Motors from Power Motor

The more advanced the lifting motor is, the higher its effectiveness is. The window lift motor developed Power Motor, a professional motor solution expert with years of experience, is extremely lightweight and very compact thereby ensuring high performance. The high-power density electro-magnetic design makes it score over the traditional lifting motors. Additionally, the gearbox is designed in a manner that allows it to minimize the noise generated while it is being operated. Overall, the window lifting motor from Power Motor is a comprehensive and robust device that also increases driving comfort to significant extents.

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