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Shenzhen Power Motor - Universal AC/DC Brush-type Motor Specialist Since 2001 - Power Motor

Manufacturing & supplying a range of motor products, Shenzhen Power Motor caters to several application classifications, inclusive but not limited to - motor in home appliances, automotive technology,automatic equipment, medical equipment and electric tools. The perks of the motors they produce is that they are all built with efficiency, energy conservation & low noise in mind, all while ensuring that their products are cost-effective & keeping up with the technology. They are very wel known for their universal AC/DC brush-type motor production.

Home Appliances

Their variation of motors includes the high torque brushless motor - long lifespan & low-noise, which are suitable for high speed blenders. They also provide motors for bigger home appliances such as the high RPM brushless vacuum cleaner motor which, as the name shows, can be used in vacuum cleaners. Their 120V high efficiency DC brushless motor for hair dryer can help you with your beauty routine too!

Automotive Motors

Power Motor provides motors for various parts & functions of your ride, such as for the car window, the seat adjustment, car wiper, tailgate & pedal lift as well as for the AMT system. Having close collaboration with car production companies, Shenzhen motor will not disappoint you in their intelligent motor control technology & production lines. Rest assured knowing that their products are committed to improve the electrified driving assistance system. Their universal AC/DC brush-type motor sure lives up to their name in being universal!

Automatic Equipment

Regardless of the number of volts youYe looking for in your motor, they have Universal AC/DC Brush-type Motor and other types of motor, characterized by their compact design to maximize their performance while occupying as little space as possible in your automatic equipment whether youYe looking for high efficiency PMDC motors to fit in automated doors, high torque geared DC motor for robotic toys, reduction gear motors for printers, or any other equipment.

Medical Equipment

A fine-tuned motor such as the high torque long-life PMDC motor which can be fitted into electrical wheelchairs can also be found at Power Motor. If you have a production line in a hospital, pharmacy or clinic
setting, the brushless motor for automatic equipment could cater to you just fine.

Electric Tools

Even electrical tools have motor parts that need to be changed sometimes. If you have a drill or a nail gun, those equipment work on motors too. The small DC brushless motor for electric tools could be the right
product for you in that case.

How Do I Choose the Right Motor?

Not sure which motor is suitable for you? Power Motor provides you custom-designed motor for your needs. Having focused on R&D high quality universal AC/DC brush-type motors and other variations for the past 16 years, Power Motor can cater to your motor needs. You can submit enquiries for their individual products, or request a customized motor if you need it. Visit the industrial brushless motor supplier for more information today!

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