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Reasons to Focus On Brushed DC Motor Specifications - power motor

In order to understand difference between brushed and brushless DC motors a motion control expert will have to focus on the brushless and brushed DC motor specifications. Once brushed DC motors were commonly used to control motion but now most of them are replaced by brushless DC motors to increase the efficiency of a project. But efficiency of a project mainly depends on choosing a right motor for it.

In this write up, we are discussing benefits and differences in the brushless and brushed DC motor specifications .

brushed DC motor specifications


An arrangement of wounded wire coils and an armature working as an electromagnet with two poles is used in the brushed DC motor specifications. A mechanical rotary switch called commutator used in them reverses the direction of the current two times in a cycle. It helps in flowing the current through armature so that the poles of electromagnet push and pull against the fixed magnets on the exterior of the motor. This polarity of the electromagnet of the armature is reversed by the commutator as its poles cross the poles of permanent magnets.

On the other hand, in brushless motors permanent magnet is used as its exterior rotor which uses a specialised sensor to track the position of the motor and three phases of driving coils. Reference signals are sent to the controller as the sensor tracks the position of the rotor which I turn activates the coils one after the other in a planned manner.

Benefits of brushed and brushless motors

Brushed DC motor specifications offer:

  • Low cost of overall construction

  • Can be rebuilt to extend its life

  • No fixed speed for controller

  • Controller is inexpensive and simple

  • Ideal for extreme environment of operation

Brushless DC motor offers:

  • Less maintenance cost

  • Effective operation with rated load at all speeds

  • High efficiency and output ratio

  • Reduced size of motor

  • Low generation of noise even at high speed

Applications for which brushed and brushless dc motors are used

Today brushless DC motors are more in use in a number of applications than brushed DC motors due to their durability and reliability. They are mainly used in various industries like computing and manufacturing etc. They can also be used in certain power tools and next generation electric vehicles.

Though motors with brushed DC motor specifications are outdated today still they are frequently used in automobiles and household appliances.

Thus by focusing on brushed DC motor specifications you can choose the best motor as per the requirement of your project. 

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