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Purchase Universal AC DC motor at Affordable Prices from Power Motor - Power Motor

Are you looking for a reliable platform from where you can easily purchase universal AC DC motor at a reasonable price? If yes, then you have already navigated to the right page. Being an experienced and professional manufacturer of high-quality universal AC DC motors, you will certainly find the best products in the website of Power Motor. Let's now quickly take a look at the detailed overview of universal AC DC motor and its usage.

universal AC DC motor

What Is Universal AC DC Motor?

The universal motors are nothing but a special type of motor that is designed to run on both DC and single phase AC supply. Note, these motors are usually series wound (field winding and armature are in series).And, that's why they can produce a high starting torque. Universal motors are integrated into those devices they are meant to drive.


Most of these universal AC DC motors are designed in order to operate at an extremely higher speed, exceeding around 3500 RPM.


Working Principle:

When a universal motor is fed to a DC supply, it will work as a DC series motor. Next, a current will flow into the field windingand produce an electromagnetic field. Note, the same current will also flow from the armature conductors. Now, if a current carrying conductor is placed in this electromagnetic field, it will eventually experience a strong mechanical force. And, the rotor will start to rotate due to the produced mechanical force or torque.


Likewise, when a universal motor is fed to an AC supply, it will produce an unidirectional torque. Here, the field winding and armature winding will be connected in series (as they are in the same phase).


As mentioned earlier, these motors have a high starting torque. They are compact and lightweight. The usage and applications of universal motors are briefly given below:


1. Universal motors have a wide usage in different types of home appliances, such as vacuum cleaners, domestic sewing machine, and drink and food mixers etc.

2. The higher rating universal AC DC motor is used in blenders and portable drills etc.

With this, you have revealed a detailed description of universal motors (including the brief overview, working principle, and applications). So, If you are planning to purchase universal AC DC motors, then Power Motor will be the best platform from where you can buy these mechanical pieces at an affordable price. The company features a complete range of manufacturing facilities in order to ensure a high-quality production.

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