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Power Motor launched a new type of brushless dc motor for seat adjustment

Generally, permanent magnet dc motor is the most popular choice for electric seat adjustment in vehicle to drive the movement. Through the control switch which amount on the side of the seat or on the door armrest to control circuit path and the current direction to send out the signal to make the motor running under direction and achieve the purpose of seat adjustment.

Currently, the electronic trend on car features has increasing, vehicles has transform from a simple mechanical products into a complex Mechatronics products. In order to meet the demand for higher energy saving, safety, convenient and other higher requirements, the number of motors installed in automobiles continues to increase. As the advantages of the brushless dc motor (BLDC Motor), more BLDC Motor is being integrated into various parts of the vehicles to achieve higher energy efficiency and performance.


In order to meet the demand of the automobile market, Power Motor recently launched a new type of brushless dc motor solution fits for car seat adjustment. This kind of brushless dc motor solution required no external motor position sensor or system microcontroller, reducing PCB footprint and come with embedded control algorithm to reduce the complexity of the motor system. It is suitable for either a new program or the replacement project.

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