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Power Motor launched a new type of brushless dc motor for high speed blender

High speed blender is a new generation of food processor which combined the functions of juicer, mixer, soybean milk machine and other food processors together. The principle of operation based on the high speed and high torque running of motor instantly break the cell wall of the fruits and vegetables, and extract the plant biochemistry with destroy the original nutrition elements of foods effectively. It has become the most popular product in food processor market.

Power motor launched a new type of brushless dc motor for high speed blender recently in order to satisfy the needs of the market and our customers. 

This kind of brushless dc motor adopts the technology of low speed to break and enhance the torque at the same time. It is strength the power of each rotation. 

Adopting with the new brushless control technology, furthest reduce the noise of running and extend the life of the motor at the same time. Besides, with the benefits of energy saving and smart control makes this brushless solution become the best choice for those customers who require intelligence and environmental protection for their products.

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