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Power Motor Organized a Summer Outward Bound

In order to enrich the spare time and enhance the coherence of the power motor team, a summer outward bound was organized on 9th July, 2016 in Jiu Long Shan Eco-park, Shenzhen.

The theme of this activity was “Cooperation” and it aims to inspire the potential of individuals, as well as cultivate the team spirit, execution and coherence. Before it gets start, a series of pre-activities were arranged to cheer up the atmosphere and build up the foundation of trust between each other. A real competition was following on Push-Up, Squats, Balloons, rope skipping etc. 5 group members all show their specialties in different areas and try their best to win the game for the team. All the team works, negotiation, and even the coordination were included on the whole process to help the team members to think how to win the competition as fast as they can.

Picnic also was an important section on the activity to let all the members to experience natural lifestyle. However, it required the entire group to cook by themselves, even on finding the food materials and start a fire. Even though it was a big challenge, delicious foods were made after the cooperation. All the members share their foods and drinks together to show their happiness and satisfaction on their work and the activity. 

Enjoyed the beautiful scene and enjoyed the life. The activity was ended on cheerful and laughing. This activity offered a chance for power motor team to realize the importance of cooperation and coordination, and reinforce the coherence between each other. 

Just like the iron can be melted as water or cast to be steel, same as to the team construction. All the difficulties can be conquered as long as to work together and pursue better forever, we believe that we can build up a better tomorrow of Power Motor.

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