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Methods of speed adjustment of micro dc motor

1.Variable armature voltage control. This method has the advantages of large starting torque, perfect damping effect, quick response speed and fine linearity. It is the most common way of adjust the speed of micro dc motor.

2.Variable magnetic flux control. It adjust the speed through change the size of magnet field. For the excitation motor, the change in excitation voltage can be variable magnetic flux speed. This way of speed control cannot be used in wide range of speed control and it will make the mechanical properties of micro dc motor become soft. Therefore, it generally can be used as auxiliary way for a variable armature voltage control. 

3.String resistance speed control. This speed control way maintain the input voltage inconvenience, and in the armature circuit in series into the resistance of speed control. This way of control may cause the mechanical characteristics of the motor become soft and cause power consumption increase. It is not the common way of speed control in micro dc motor.

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