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How does the dc brushless motor works?

What is brushless Dc motor?

A brushless DC motor is an electronic device that moves electronically and does not have brushes. You may
be wondering how a DC brushless motor works? Well, instead of using brushes they use the direct current
powering magnet to move a rotor in the stator. A brushless DC motor uses a step motor controller to create
a rotation that converts electric energy to mechanical energy. DC brushless motor is known for their smooth
operation and torque holding when it is stationary.

DC brushless motor works

How does the DC brushless motor works

Hall sensors which are normally attached to the stator hence making the DC brushless motor unique from
other motors. A hall sensor is a tiny component that is found under the right electromagnet. The magnets are
faced perpendicularly by the hall sensors, a hall sensor can be differentiated if the south or North Pole is in
front of it.

Once a hall sensor senses the South Pole it will turn the coil off. If the hall sensor doesn't sense any
magnetic field at all, it will turn the coil on. The coils have similar magnetic polarity, the similar polarity is
north. They form torque by pulling in the opposite poles.

During full rotations of the rotor, you will notice that the hall sensor is twice high and twice low once you
place a probe on the hall sensor and observe the signal.

An advantage of using a brushless motor, the signal used to when controlling the coil it is used to measure
the motor's speed. The signal is also used to determine if the motor is working well or not.


Types of DC brushless motors

There are basically two types of DC brushless motors their difference is in designing but they have similar

working principles.


1. Inner Rotor Design

In the inner rotor design, the rotor is found in the center part of the motor and is surrounded by the stator.
The motor is not insulated by the rotor magnets hence heat is dispatched easily. This makes the motor
produce a lot of torque.

2. Outer rotor design

In the outer rotor design, the winding that is found in the core part of the motor is surrounded by the rotor.
The heat in the motor is trapped by the magnets inside the rotor. This design has low clogging torque as they
operate in low current.

Advantages of a brushless motor

Energy lost because of friction is less.

They can work at a high speed despite the condition.

DC Brushless motor provides large torque.

They are less noisy during operation.

The way a DC brushless motor works makes it the best choice in terms of operation, reliability and efficiency

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