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How a good brushed dc motor manufacturer thinks - power motor

A good number of mechanical devices utilize the motor. How do you determine the most appropriate DC motor for a project? In this guide, we’ll answer all the basic questions on how these motors work. We’ll also hint on choosing the right brushed dc motor manufacturer. Currently, there are many manufacturers offering similarly motors you may be spoilt for choice.

All motors function by changing electrical energy into mechanical energy. This is what we see as the  spin’motion. DC motors generate this mechanical force after the electromagnetic field brought by the windings interacts with that of the motor’s inbuilt magnet. Different DC motors spin at different speeds. This is dependent on the magnitude of the electric current flowing through the windings. Large currents result in a larger electromagnetic field thus a faster spin rate. I don’t know of any brushed dc motor manufacturer that doesn’t utilize this principle. All this is in accordance with Ohm’s law of Resistivity (Voltage is equal to the current multiplied by the resistance.)

brushed dc motor manufacturer

Any brushed dc motor manufacturer knows that they are used in numerous electrical devices. They design them to be general purpose. DC motors find industrial application in dust blowers, car starters and in water pumps. It is worth noting that hobbyists tend to use motors for smaller projects. Relatively smaller motors are used in general home automation.

DC motors are preferred to their AC counterparts whenever high torque is required. They are quite powerful at low speeds. Sadly, they wear out quite fast. This is the biggest hurdle any brushed dc motor manufacturer endures. They are only suitable for low-speed spins (measured in RPM) as they are susceptible to brush heating. They have a limited range of applications as they often result in electromagnetic noise due to brush arcing.

What things does a brushed dc motor manufacturer consider in the design stage? First, they look at the operating current. This is generally in line with the expected RPM. However, a current that’s too high results in damage to the motor. This may be brought by heating of the wound coil. Therefore, the brushed dc motor manufacturer takes into account current drawn by the motor. This is measured when its operating at a typical torque. It is then multiplied by a given factor of safety. If you want to operate a dc motor at a high voltage, consider installing a heat sink. They will drain the extra heat from the motor ensuring that the coils do not melt. 

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