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How Does A Universal Motor Work?

We have been discussing different sorts of electrical motors, for example, gear motors, brushless motor, pmdc motors to give some examples. In this article, we will discuss one type of motor known as the universal motor.

A motor which might be worked (or) which can keep running on either an immediate supply or a solitary stage ac supply is known as the universal motor.

Why is it called as universal motor? It is a direct result of its capacity to keep running on both AC and DC supply with practically comparable characteristics.

A universal motor has a high beginning torque and variable speed characteristics. Such motor keeps running at hazardously high speeds amid no heap period.

Universal Motor Operation Principle

The universal motor is the motor which is combined with stator winding and rotor winding.  When the ac power supply, it can cause the running torque. Meanwhile, it also can be explained through the running principle of DC Motor. When a conductor has a current in it, a magnetic field is generated around the conductor. Besides, the direction of the magnetic force line depends on the current direction.

When you put the conductor of electricity into a magnetic field, the magnetic field interacts with the magnetic field so the conductor receives a force F. Hence the movement has been produced. The direction of the magnetic field line of conductor will move from thick to thin.

When a coil of two relative conductors is placed in a magnetic field, the two sides of the coil are also affected, hence the two forces are going to the opposite side and produce the torque. When the coil is rotating in a magnetic field, the corresponding two coils will move from one pole to another. While since the polarity of the magnetic field has been changed, it will change the direction of the influences of the conductor which is affected, and the direction of the torque as well.

Therefore, the coil can only swing back and forth around the central axis under the opposite direction of the coil movement.

Therefore, we can conclude that universal motor is a type of motor that has the advantages of simple circuit design, high torque and easy control. 

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