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Get Your Window Lift Motor Installation On Your Own

The window lift is the mechanism that helps the window to move upwards and down with the aid of a regulator. The regulator needs window lift motor installation to function smoothly. The motor is connected to the regulator in one unit for proper functioning.

The powerful motor is the main culprit behind the regulation of the windowpane. When the mechanism stops, you can't help but change the window motor. The motor is usually attached to the regulator which physically moves the window up and down. Once the window is stuck, you have to do the window lift motor installation once again.

window lift motor installation

How to diagnose the problems?

The problems with the regulators and the power are quite common. Whatever brand you may use, you cannot avoid the mis-happenings. In cold areas, the windows get frozen due to which the power motor has to put extra effort into the functioning. This leads to the damaging of the window motor. Moreover, when the cable connected to the regulator and the window panel cuts, it damages the motor instantly.

Earlier, the sedans had manual up lifters, but due to the technical reformations, the mechanism has become robotic. Although this is an advantage, however, you may constantly suffer the window lift motor installation losses.

You can easily diagnose the problems of the lift motor by listening closely to the door panel. If the window does not move or there is no sound in the panel, then there is certainly a problem with the window. Sometimes, the car fuse is blown off, which causes damaging of the window motor.

How to do window lift motor installation?

Once you diagnose the problem, you can reinstall the motor by the following methods. Although you may require the help of a professional by reading the elaborate guidelines, you can do it yourself;

  • Start the process of removing the regulator and the motor. The process requires some effort, but you can do it by using a hammer and simple tapping process.

  • In case the motor is damaged, separate the regulator from the motor and change the motor.

  • Before attaching the motor, you must lubricate it with a dab of grease. Check the compatibility and fit it in the previous regulator.

  • Reinstall the motor and the regulator using the rivets, nuts, bolts, and clamps properly.

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