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DC Brushless Motor Design

Dc brushless motor has remove the commutator and brush, which are the shortcoming of the brushed dc motor.

The dc brushless motor can be designed into several types, such as internal rotor type, external-rotor motor, dual rotor type and others. The features of those dc brushless motor structures can be concluded as following:

1) Internal Rotor Types

Generally, the stator of the motor in outside and the rotor is inside. The structure is the same in the tradition brushed dc motor, the stator field is outside and the rotor armature is insides design. Since the dc brushless motor occurred, the armature has been designed on the outside, while the rotor plays the role of stator. This kind of design we called it internal rotor structure design.

2) External Rotor Types

In practical usage, the stator armature of the dc brushless motor will be settled inside in order and the rotor with permanent magnet will be settled outside to satisfy the special requirement of some electronic engineering. This kind of design we called it external rotor structure.

DC Brushless Motor

As the name says it, Brushless motors are not literally brushless. They are really electronically commutated motors (ECMs, EC motors), or synchronous DC motors which need direct current to function. The current is passed to them in alternating form with the help of an inverter or an alternate power supply. The controller is solely responsible to keep the motor in proper functioning order by controlling its torque and speed.

Brushless motors also have rotating permanent magnets which are responsible for getting rid of any problems with the current. This magnet is placed around a fixed armature which keeps it in
motion. The brush-commutator system has a good power distribution which is monitored by a solid-state circuit in time.

Many aspects become possible with brushless motors which are not possible with the brushed ones. The former has more flexibility and better performance capabilities than the latter. Brushless
give greater commutation efficiency than the brushed ones. Brushless motors are also used in micro controllers. Speed and other factors can also be very well controlled and monitored in brushless motor systems.

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