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AC condensing fan motor and how it works.

An AC condensing fan motor is part of the air conditioning system that performs an essential part of your car's air conditioning process. Most people usually mistake this part when it comes to buying car spare parts or even maintaining it. Sometimes, unknowingly one purchases the whole air conditioning system instead of just the condenser.

Condensing fan motor works with other car parts to support the air conditioning system. We can, therefore, say that this part is a team player. Additional air conditioning parts are an expansion valve, the compressor, accumulator, evaporator. An AC motor fan condenser resembles a radiator's less version. This can be found at the front of the car next to the radiator. At times it has its cooling system.

So, how does the condensing motor fan work?

To understand further how a condenser works, you need to know first how the whole cooling system does its job.

AC condenser refrigerants.

Refrigerants are in the compressor and are vacuumed such that if they get pressurized, they become hot. The resulting hot gas passes on the condenser which then turns the cooler. Subsequently, as it cools, it forms in a liquid. After this process is over, the cold refrigerant's flow is regulated by the expansion valve thus making the conditioning system coldness manageable. As the cold air escapes out, the refrigerant liquid turns, into gas again thanks to the evaporator.

AC universal motor fan condenser, as I said earlier on is just a team player in the process and thus cannot work on its own. To produce the perfect air conditions you want, it has to work properly hand in hand with other parts, e.g., the expansive valve, accumulator, evaporator, etc.

To achieve the best performance of the AC condensing fan motor, proper maintenance is mandatory.
Regular checking of the AC fan motor, to check whether there is an accumulation of dirt both on the inner side and outer. At all times the AC motor fan condenser should be clean and thus performs at its best.

Fixing the car condenser.

To regularly make sure that your car Ac fan motor condenser is always performing at its best, cleaning it is not satisfactorily. You also need to check if there's a need to fix it.

Familiarizing with the process of air conditioning and parts involved will help out further in checking for corrosion or damages. While other air conditioners may still work years later after the car has first been bought, you need to recognize that its parts are also vulnerable to rust and dirt. You might also want to examine the Ac fan motor condenser tubes for corrosion although evaporators are usually the most affected by this problem. This is done by the use of a testing sensor.

Lastly, it is good always to check out to see to it that the Ac condensing motor fan is functioning correctly and if not, immediately make a replacement before huge air conditioning challenges arise.

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