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2018 New Year Celebrate Party of Power Motor

Expand in bravery, Compete in high efficiency

-2018 New Year Celebrate Party of Power Motor

8th Feb., 2018, Power Motor New Year celebrate party was held on Gladden Hotel in Fenggang, Dongguan. The party is held under the passion, warm and joyful atmosphere. All of the Power Motor employees and Strategy Partners attend the party.

The whole party was started with the dancing of GET LUCKY, which expressed the sincere blessings for the all coming guests and power motor employees in the following 2018.

                                                Power Motor New Year Party.jpg

Power Motor CEO Mr. Yan then gave a speech to conclude the achievements we have made in the past 2017 and expressed his gratitude to all the power motor employees and the cooperation partners& suppliers. Power Motor made a great improvement in motor quality control and automatic manufacturing reformation process in the past year with every power motor employees’ joint effort. “ I wish all of you can stay true to our mission and keep making progress in 2018” Mr. Yan said.


It will be a challenging and hopeful year, Power Motor still need more efforts if wants to stand out from the competition. Therefore, the development policy of 2018 in Power Motor will be “Expand in bravery, Compete in high efficiency”. To those new market, we move forward bravely and without any kind of fears; to those exist market, we keep making progress in motor quality control and performance optimization so that we can maintain competitiveness in the market. Mr. Yan encourage all of the power motor employees never cease satisfying what we have and never cease exploring the better way to develop.

                                               Power Motor  award ceremony

Excellent individuals and groups were awarded and giving prizes to encourage them do better in the following year. Besides, the New Year party also offered a stage for the employees to show themselves in different talent. Various kinds of entertainment shows and lucky draw activity pushed the climax of the party.  

                                                          power motor party show.jpg

Party was ended up in a happy and joyful atmosphere. Last year is a fruitful achievement year, next year will be an expected year. Let’s looking forward a better Power Motor in 2018.


                                           power motor group photo.jpg

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